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May 4th, 2013, 05:25 PM
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The rule, if my memory serves me correct, is the day after BDing is considered "semen obscured" and should not be measured.. of course my TCOYF book is packed in my step son's closet and I'm so not in any condition to dig it out.

that said... for me personally, the difference between ewcm and semen are very stark, and I can easily tell which is which. But not all can. We usually try and make sure there's 20 hours between dtd while I'm oing so I can be sure.

I've never done cervical position, and I've been charting (started with bbt, then just went o cm/opk) since September 2011. I mean.. I check it once in a while but I don't chart it.

My BBT is from Walmart, but you might find a better price on BUT I do know I've seen them at Shoppers for about $10 (and I paid that for mine down here in the US, so that's not a bad price) (I'm from NS).

(I just noticed another question you asked.. this is a slightly TMI answer)

It's not actually the semen you're seeing after about 6ish hours. It's what your body does to the seminal fluid. It's like a chemical reaction, and it chases the consistency. For some women (like me) it makes it thick, sticky and stretchy... more the consistency of boogers than CM. For others, it's just a thicker creamy like cm.
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