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May 4th, 2013, 08:12 PM
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We do eat breakfast, usually cereal, either hot or cold, and a glass of orange juice.

We do eat healthier than most, regardless of if they are rushing places in the mornings or not. We eat mostly whole/fresh foods, which means we aren't eating much in the way of anything processed. Even cold cereals are home made when I have the time (and I am picky about the ones I buy whent hey are store bought). We would eat the same way even if we were going places in the mornings though, as DH goes to work in the mornings and we get our breakfast regardless of what time he has to be at work.

I cook pretty much 100% from scratch, because it is the only way that I guarantee I've avoided all allergens. There are too many in this house to do anything otherwise. I find we are healthier for it anyway, because I start with whole foods for the most part.
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