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May 4th, 2013, 09:55 PM
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Well, it's quite possible he may decide to leave me. I can't say it wouldn't hurt, and that I wouldn't be upset and that I wouldn't miss him.

It was today he asked if I took a test, after telling him a few days ago that I might be.
Thursday when he and I were together he asked if we could do the same thing we did before.
And tonight he asks about putting it up for adoption.

He says he's upset. (paraphrasing) And asks me if I took my bc pills. As if he can't do anything on his end. I even had told him back when I first started taking the pills that they're not 100%. He could very well have done something himself too.

And he says to me how we're not stable. How would a baby be supported. How he has no steady job. Well, anytime he's tried to get a job, it's always taken him less than a week. Thing is, he says he likes doing work on houses and offices, and he hasn't even tried to get a steady job.

If he leaves, and doesn't want to take responsibility, it's his choice. It's not like there's not time for him to get a steady job.

Oh, and he also says we're too old for this.

If anything, in a sense, he's not old enough. Since in some ways he doesn't act his age.
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