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May 5th, 2013, 02:50 AM
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My DD will be 14 and in the 9th grade, she was a pageant kid from age 6 months until age 11, and she does competition dance and i don't like makeup on kids. She wears makeup on stage for her dance competitions and when she did pageants again only on stage. I just now maybe a few months ago started to allow her to wear gloss that has a little bit more of a hit of color to it because she is gorgeous and doesn't need makeup to be that way, I myself love makeup just the look of how they shadows and stuff is blended but do not wear much of it myself except making sure my brows are groomed well is a must other than that it depends on the day i am having and it's light makeup at the most. I do believe that makeup enhances your beauty and that it was meant to do just that not made to make it look like you have on a mask and that is what I explained to my DD so that whenever she does start wearing it (which will not be for awhile for real makeup) that she only uses it to highlight her beauty but STILL look like herself !

Side note: I can say that before i allowed her to wear stage makeup at her pageants I never paid attention to how washed out most stage lighting makes you look, now I do understand why mat dance studios want them to at least wear makeup on stage the lighting does usually wash them out.

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