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May 5th, 2013, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by alittlelost View Post
I don't think my daughter looked washed out at all in her pictures. When I receive them, I'll post them to the hideaway. I've also done stage acting and when I didn't wear make up (when I was younger) I didn't look washed out. I looked pale, but that's because I AM pale. and next to kids with foundation on that is darker than their skin color (I think this is actually done to make them look tan!) I looked paler. BUT the lighting didn't make me look paler than I was.

I guess I am lucky because my daughter didn't even ask to wear make up. I can see how if someone's daughter really wanted to do that, they might reconsider for the special occasion. It's not such a big deal that I'm going to create strife between me and my daughter over it, ya know? But it still surprised me that MOST of the girls were wearing make up so young (I know they don't normally wear it, but even for a recital, I mean, does a 3 year old really need make up for a recital? I guess some people feel they do, but I wouldn't have expected *most* people to feel that way).

Then again, I don't mind nail polish. My daughter thinks it's fun and doesn't wear it to be more beautiful, and maybe some kids are that way about make up. (I also never wear nail polish to be more beautiful, it's just paint. All it really does is hide if you have dirt under your nails lol) I like my daughter's dance studio though (even though she's quitting dance so it doesn't matter) because I saw all the costumes and there were none of those costumes that look like stripper outfits on girls of any age. Everything was tasteful. So something tells me they won't pressure me to put make up on her for the recital, and I'm glad about that. I don't think make up should be a requirement for ANY childhood activity. Might there be childhood activities where some people like their kids to wear make up for it? Sure. But if it's REQUIRED then it's not for us personally.

For my DD dance pics she wore light makeup it's not the pics where it looks washed out its the stage lighting where I noticed the difference.

Also at her studio they do require the competition girls to wear makeup BUT for the little competition ones it's pretty much up to the parents and most put on a little light or shimmer shadow with a VERY pale light lip color for the girls....again to each it's now and as much as I do to like it on kiddos to me when she dances or does a pageant it's part of her costume...when. She comes off stage it comes off as well. And she will be 14.

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