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May 5th, 2013, 10:12 AM
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I' believe you notice a difference, I'm just saying I've done a lot of stage acting and I didn't look washed out. I looked like me. If anything, I looked paler than normal by comparison to others wearing dark make-up; I didn't look paler compared to myself off-stage, though.

My friend does the beauty pageant thing, and we don't sign up for that because it's right there in the title: a competition based on "beauty" which is subjective. I know they require make up for most pageants, too. To each their own. My friend puts fake eyelashes on her daughter for those competitions. I don't judge. I know some people who don't think gymnastics is a good sport for girls, either, so I understand that sometimes as parents we just see things differently--we all do what we believe is best for our children.

That said, if my daughter's gymnastics told her she had to wear make up to competition, we would have words Not because make up is the end of the world but because our personal family values, we don't want out child wearing make up this young (she's only 6!) so anything that tells us "screw your family values, she has to do [insert something here]" is something that sets off alarm bells for me. For those who is doesn't go against their family values, though, it's no big deal! I am just glad there are plenty of options out there for activities for children. If someone doesn't feel good about one option, they can choose another. Like I know people who would never let their kids do gymnastics because of their family values and what is required, but it fits within ours. We have options, so it's ultimately up to us.
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