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May 5th, 2013, 10:52 AM
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Ok "thinking" about adoption would also be a LIE because you are NOT thinking about doing it. Cut the games, you're not a child. You're a 40 year old woman. You're going to have a child. Get real. Don't lash out at people in this group who are trying to support you. Save the lashing out for the guy who talked you into an abortion a year ago and doesn't want you to have the child you're currently pregnant with.

Originally Posted by JaeSung View Post
Yeah, I suppose. Well, he already is a dad, twice. Three times if you count the one I let him convince me to get rid of.

First. Me thinking of telling him I'd think about adoption is not the same thing as telling him I'd do it.

Second, as my first post says, I have told him I am. Why else would he bring up adoption?

Nowhere did I post that I would tell him I wouldn't keep it.

I'm not playing any games. I told him when he brought it up, that I don't know if I could do adoption.

I'm not commenting on anymore negative seeming replies.

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