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May 5th, 2013, 01:55 PM
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AF showed up, it really doesnt feel right. Everything seemed perfect so far.....timings, place....just everything. We were sooo certain this was it. Can not describe the disappointment. I had to be strong and pretend I am happy as we had a bbq in the garden and lots of guests. Now everyone has gone I am sooo depressed and just want to disappear. I want some me time. I dont want to talk to anyone....not even my husband. I am hating the world at the moment. We have arranged a doctors appointment for next week. I am very young and healthy so we would expect it to have happened by now, I know everyone says it can take a year for healthy couples but I know non healthy couples that have conceived in 4-5 months and people having one night stands and getting pregnant by it just doesnt sit right in my head to have to wait. Also if there is something wrong I'd rather know now so I can start doing something about it.....NOT a year later and delay things more. I am devastated, so is hubby. I have been crying and crying and crying. All I can think is....maybe its the pill's fault. Before I started taking it I was a regular 28 day girl....after I stopped it my cycles became longer and they havent been very regular since.....comparing to my previous cycle it is looking like my cycles are now becoming regular again.....maybe my body is still trying to get back to normal from the pill that's why I havent conceived yet. After you come off the pill is there a recommended time by doctor's to start trying for a baby or does it not matter whether you start straight away or a couple of months later? Anyways, thank you all ladies for all the support for another cycle...onto the next one now....I might not be around for the next few days....I am not feeling really social or well so won't be really talkative. I will come back for a catch up as soon as I feel positive again. Please keep me updated. Looking forward to your posts!
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