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May 5th, 2013, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by mccaroline View Post
If we're going to make our goal we better start posting big time! We're almost half way through the year and not half way to our goal!

My poor little man is having a very rough weekend. First he was riding his trike with the help of his sister and kissed the sidewalk giving him two scraped knees and a busted lip. Then he was playing in the backyard with his other sister who was on the swing and he ended up with her foot in his face giving him a cut nose and eye. If you're not on my fb and haven't seen it, the poor kid looks like he was in a bar fight. It hasn't slowed him down though, he's still as happy as ever and still running. If this had been one of the girls they'd still be crying about it.
Ouch! Poor guy! Izzy's my daredevil--girl is never without a collection of bumps, bruises, and cuts.....

Originally Posted by momie2b9-20-11 View Post
No fun to get sunburned!! I'm sorry - hope it goes away quickly.

We may reach it Hazel!! That would kinda be fun if we did reach the goal

I'm soo sick of family drama!!!! Drama drama drama.......... DH's family is full of it. And, they are stressing FIL out so that he's just worn out and not feeling good. It seems like one brother or family member is always mad at someone else and try and bring us in to it. Hello?!!! We don't really care! We don't talk to many of DH's brothers that much anyway and we are not going to "choose" sides so don't involve us. ***END RANT*** LOL!! Sorry ---- I had to get that out.
My Dad's side of the family always has someone feuding with someone else. I can never keep straight who all is on speaking terms

Originally Posted by Aenyx View Post
He got a quick message to me but it's gonna be a few days until I hear from him again. Which sucks since he paid for a week of internet that he can't use now.

It could be worse, I know other wives hear from their husbands less but it still sucks. So ready for him to come home.
I'm glad you heard from him, even if it was just to hear you wouldn't hear from him :/ better to know than wonder!
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