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May 5th, 2013, 03:26 PM
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My oldest went to spend the night with my parents last night. She got all of 3 hours of sleep. =P They let her stay up till midnight, and then when she woke up at 3 AM from a bad dream, they didn't put her back down to sleep. >=[ This morning she wanted to go with me to big church, threw a fit. So I took her. Then she threw another one in church to leave. Immediately fell out when we got to our pew!

I already woke up with a headache, I was tired, and of course I am burping nonstop from the reflux. Why today? I sat there rethinking my no spanking rule. I really wanted to smack my child today! Found out later it was because she was tired. Thanks, Mom! You'd think you didn't raise three kids already, two of which had Autism!

So I asked my dad, "Did you ever feel like beating Dell at church?" Cause my brother was in a deeper part of that Autism spectrum than me.

"No, we just left as fast as possible. We'd always ask for a nursery. They always tell us, 'No! You bring him to church, too!' But we really need a nursery... And we'd get the same answer. Then we'd leave 10 minutes later and never go back to that church."


The ladies are too scared to keep Alice in the nursery. There aren't babies, just her. All they would have to do is sit on their butts and watch her play with toys. She's a lot better behaved than the normal kids in church in that respect. =| I even volunteered to take my turn in the nursery for other kids. No go.
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