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May 5th, 2013, 04:52 PM
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This may not answer your question, but I'll share what happened to me.... I noticed with my 5th pregnancy that what you're describing is very similar to how my contractions were. At my 37 week OB appt. I mentioned this to my OB, & as a precaution because we had to have a repeat c-section, he sent me to L&D to be monitored. My contractions were actually every 10 minutes a part when I arrived, so they gave me IV fluids to see if it would stop them, since my OB doesn't use any type of medication to formally stop labor after 37 weeks. Well instead of stopping my labor, the IV fluids did just the opposite. I went from contractions every 10 minutes to every 2-3, and dilated 3 cm. in a matter of an hour. We then decided that it was time for the c-section.
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