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May 5th, 2013, 09:45 PM
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Sorry I haven't been around much this weekend. It was a little busy and we had nice weather for a change.

little rose went on the potty twice today, after a week of not going (since I broke the routine by leaving town). The second time she even initiated the potty session!!! Very exciting!!! I hope she continues with this.

DH had a major sudden drop in his blood sugar level this morning while we were at Home Depot. We didn't have his tester since we were just running out for a few and would be home in time for lunch. Don't know what brought it on, but it took all of the glucose tablets I had (10) and a butterfinger to bring him back to some level of normalcy. Then he sleep the whole way home. I keep a hand on his wrist to make sure he was not going into a coma or worse. I kept thinking that I'd be bringing him to the ER or calling an ambulance, something we haven't down before. He was actually high when we got home, thank goodness.

When I took M and K out shopping later, I talked to them about what happened to DH (they knew it was his diabetes) and what they should do if that happens to him while they're out with him and I'm not around. So scary to think my children need to know this information at 6 and 4 years of age.
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