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May 6th, 2013, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by momology View Post
EWCM and semen are confusing it is like a joke. . . just like how early AF symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are the same. Seriously??

About the BBT - I got mine at a CVS for about $8 (not sure if you have CVS). I got one off Amazon first and I did not like it at all - it said it was a BBT but did not measure to the 0.00 degree. This one has worked well so far and remembers the last temp so you can go back to sleep and record it later. It does take a couple minutes which is annoying sometimes but it is really nice for the price.
Ahh good to know about the CVS brand, thanks, Elle. I had a Walgreens one that was terrible, so I was wary about other cheaper drug store thermometers.

FWIW, after DTD, semen seems to come out of me fairly quickly (this was prior to TTC, when I'd get up pretty quickly after, I'm not much of the "lay around and cuddle" type!). Like I'd go to the bathroom and most of it seemed to be on the TP/in underwear, and then a few hours later when I went again there wasn't much left.
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