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May 6th, 2013, 09:32 AM
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Another reason for not testing until around 8 years old is because of the eye-brain-nerve connection (I do not know the official term for it). Just as there is a wide range of normal ages to begin walking, there is a wide range of normal ages to begin reading. Typically the proper nerve connections between the eye and brain that allow for the ability to read are fully connected before 9 years old. This is one reason you will find "slow" children suddenly "catch-up" with their peers and sometimes bypass them. It had nothing to do with parents working with them or them receiving extra attention anywhere - it's simply their body finally caught up with society. (This isn't to discount those children who would have done better earlier if there had been more parental involvement at younger ages.) This is why "back in the day" they didn't start teaching reading until 8 years old but now kindergartners must read and are labeled if they can't.

However, my two hearing impaired children are my "super gifted" kids (as compared to my other gifted children) and were identified as such at earlier ages than my hearing children.
My dyslexic child, who also had the above mentioned condition, was not thought to be gifted at all until she started to read. Though one teacher asked for her to be tested a couple of years ago when she was only reading 5-12 words a minute (do you know how painfully slow that is??). The reason was that most kids who struggle to read that badly, generally cannot tell you about what they just read. She could tell you about the story in detail and with enthusiasm. The teacher said she had only seen this a few times and each time the child was gifted and had the nerve connection issue above. I was already familiar with the nerve connection issue as my oldest daughter had it as well (however, my oldest daughter is not gifted).
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