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May 6th, 2013, 09:51 AM
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What kinds of fetal monitoring are non-invasive and still allow you to have mobility during labor?
Intermittent monitoring with a hand held fetal doppler is the most effective, comfortable for mom, and least restricting. Mobile monitors are another option, but studies show that continuous monitoring (which these provide) actually leads to a greater number of unnecessary "emergency" c-sections.
Evidence-Based Fetal Monitoring « Evidence Based Birth
Q & A: Continuous electronic fetal monitoring « Evidence Based Birth
A First-time Mom Shares her Quest for Evidence-Based Fetal Monitoring « Evidence Based Birth

What are heparin and saline IV locks? Why are they used?
"A saline lock (sometimes called a “hep-lock” for historic reasons), is an intravenous (IV) catheter that is threaded into a peripheral vein, flushed with saline, and then capped off for later use. This way you are not hooked up to an IV pole, but the nurses have easy access in case you need something injected into your vein later." Read more here - Evidence for the Saline Lock during Labor « Evidence Based Birth

What does, "deliver the placenta spontaneously and without assistance" mean? Non-augmented with pitocin/oxytocin?
Yes, without augmentation; naturally, in your bodies time, without manual assistance. Midwife Thinking wrote an interesting article about the evidence on this topic here

These blog articles cover many of your questions regarding newborn procedures. What about afterwads?, 1o decisions for parents of newborns part-1 and part-2.

Is Erythromycin Eye Ointment Always Necessary for Newborns? « Evidence Based Birth

Why might they give a newborn sugar water?
It was my understanding that this was an outdated practice used simply to pacify a baby between feedings....? but it sounds like (from what the other women are saying) I could be wrong? Here is some info for you to look into further -

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