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May 6th, 2013, 10:53 AM
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No, not the kids. Me!

I've always had a fear of someone breaking into our house at night when I'm sleeping. Well last night I was scared out of my mind and of course DH was at work.

I'm in bed it's about midnight, I'm asleep but not in a deep sleep. All of a sudden I hear my screen door open. It has a very distinctive squeak that DH hasn't fixed yet. At first I thought it was the neighbours coming home drunk and they would realize it wasn't their house when the key didn't fit. But I kept hearing noises and none of them were of the screen door shutting. So I very bravely get up and turned on the light in the hall by the front door thinking that would make the person realize someone was home and they would go away. That didn't work. So I bravely went downstairs and turned on the outdoor light thinking that would do it for sure. No such luck, I still hear someone out there. Enter panic mode! I then, in the bravest voice I could manage, yelled out the front window "May I help you?"

A voice answered.

"It's me, D from across the street!"

OMG! I've never been so thankful to hear her voice in all my life! DD1 had asked her for some seeds from her flower garden for a project at school and she had forgot about them. Apparently when she was laying in bed last night she suddenly remembered and knowing that DD1 leaves very early in the morning for school she wanted to make sure DD1 had them before she left. So she got up, got dressed and brought them over. She didn't want to leave them in the mailbox for fear that we wouldn't see them in the morning so she was taping them to the inside of my screen door!

We're laughing about it this morning, but I'm telling you I was seriously scared last night.

Tell me I'm not the only one who gets freaked out by things like that. When was the last time you were really scared about something?

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