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May 6th, 2013, 11:11 AM
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I got off the pill last June and in the past couple months have just started having a regular cycle.....I was on it for YEARS though (like.....hmm....15 years?!) I was really worried/scared at first because I was told by so many people that it just takes a month or two to regulate and my cycle was SO messed up (each month my luteal phase got shorter and shorter until my gyno basically said I'd need medical intervention to carry to term, plus I'd have spotting all throughout the cycle, cramps at random times of the month, etc) - so I thought my body was just messed up and I was sad and depressed and thought this would never happen for me just naturally. But I've been noticing lately that I O around the same time, my luteal phase has lengthened and is about the same length each month, and no more spotting.

As far as the OPKs - have you been doing them for many cycles? You may just be O'ing late this cycle. I experienced this this cycle. Did opks and saw no progression - thought maybe I had O'd SUPER early and I just missed the surge, but then was like "what the h, I'll just keep testing for a few days". Then all of a sudden, BAM, got a super positive. They can be so hot/cold. Just keep testing for a few days.

So.... hang in there - everyone's body is different - you probably won't take as long as I did to regulate. I know women who have gotten pregnant the month after stopping bc. Heck, I know a woman that got pregnant while ON bc smh. But GL - and if you need to continue to vent, you can do it here!
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