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May 6th, 2013, 11:47 AM
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Hi everyone, I'm new here. I joined last night when all of my crazy hours of Google kept leading me to this website. Anyways, I am just wondering how many other people have gone through more than 1 loss? I've had 3 pregnancies: 1st being blighted ovum, 2nd healthy happy 4 year old, 3rd natural m/c (some call it chemical pregnancy). Is this normal? I'm young and healthy- I just don't understand. Another thing, I myself feel ready to actively TTC but my fiancee is still having a hard time (currently we use pull n pray but he says he would be happy if it happened), have any of you others had a hard time getting yourself AND significant other on the same page after a loss? I feel like this is such a frustrating aspect of our relationship as he has said before he would love for us to get pregnant, but he doesn't want to try to? So confusing. It gets so depressing when you really really want a baby and it just doesn't happen. I'm starting to feel myself being negative about my relationship and upcoming marriage as I'm wondering if he is ever going to want to try for a baby, when that is all I can think about lately! Maybe something is wrong with me- it's been almost a year since my last m/c and for the past couple months I have just really really wanted to start TTC but DF just says it will happen when it's supposed to. Anyone out there have any advice or can relate at all? I feel like this crazy woman- I'm 25 and all I can think about is how much I want another child and would be devastated if it never happened. Ugh- sometimes I hate being a woman. Sorry for the rambles... just venting I guess. Anyways, I could use all the prayers in the world as I am on cycle day 23 and just really really hoping AF will be a no-show this month. I've tested twice and both BFN but I keep trying to convince myself of that chance! We did actively BD during fertile period this month.
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