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May 6th, 2013, 01:31 PM
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I just wanna say....thank you all soooo much for all the support and for being there. All you ladies are brilliant and I dont know what I would do without you. Thank you for everything, you all made me feel sooo much better. I just can not understand life. There is couples wanting a baby and trying for ages, sometimes years without success for no reason, healthy couples! And then the person that doesnt want a baby, happens to forget to use contraception one night and BAM pregnant! I just dont get it! When this happens it just makes it seem soooo easy! And then you remember of those days when you used to go to school and you had the world and the sex ed teacher screaming at you about using protection or you will get pregnant and now I am thinking....yeah are more likely to NOT get pregnant by the looks of it lol. My mum had me by accident. She was 19 and hadnt planned me. She decided to keep me so my parents got forced by their parents to get married to avoid the neighbourhood's gossip......and now they are divorced obviously! My mum didn't want this and straight away she got pregnant and may I add, I was not her first pregnancy! She had had another accident with my dad before me, but had an abortion! And then it was me and she just couldnt do it again! So my mother makes it look sooooo easy! TWICE, just like that! grrrrrr. And today I got really upset cause I had a colleague at work running around telling everyone she was pregnant! She said it was an accident but she is keeping it....I was happy for her cause I thought its a blessing to be pregnant and she was very lucky to have had this sort of ''accident'' but at the same time I cant stop thinking ''if its that simple then why???? why am I not pregnant yet? I was crying aaaall day at work to eventually find out that my colleague was just joking.....that was NOT funny! She went around the store telling everyone that as a joke!!!!! WHAT THE HELL???? But then again she is only I am happy for anyone who gets pregnant and excited and I wish them the best, but not getting a bfp is really hard so I can't stop myself from getting upset. I am happy for other people but upset its not my turn yet. I bought some OMEGA 3 and Evening Primerose Oil for me and DH is taking some fertility vitamins too. I am NOT using OPK's or temps or anything this month and I am not timing anything. I am going to play it natural and listen to my body. I have come to realise that if its the time for it to happen then charts and OPK's won't make the difference. There is people doing it all the right days unsuccesfully and others trying a week before ovulation and get a bfp either because they Oed early or swimmers lived longer! I will just do it when I feel like it, listen to my body and let nature do its work this month....see if it makes a difference. Our doctor's appointment is Thursday 16th May.....I can't wait. Thank you all again soooo much for being here for me! Keep me posted with your updates! Off to the cinema to watch iron man 3 with hubby now. GRRR I feel sooo guilty every time I look at that actor! I just ADORE HIM! LOL LOL
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