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May 6th, 2013, 01:35 PM
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Touching is not allowed by Toyota, so we've gotta figure something else out. Have you tried a Combi Cocorro (convertible) or Cybex Aton (infant seat)? They both fit newborns AND are really short front to back. Downside being that they're outgrown more quickly than other seats. Can you angle your front seats more upright until baby has good head control and can be more upright? If the Liberty is more roomy, are you able to use only that vehicle with baby until it can be more upright?

I know the Toyota thing is a pain. We just traded in our 07 Camry. I had to be very creative about what went in there and in what position. It ended up as my husband's car, so we pushed the front passenger seat all the way up since it was never used.
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