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May 6th, 2013, 01:48 PM
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I am pretty old school when it comes to this. I know a lot of new moms want the brand new expensive count of everything, but let me share some tricks I picked up a long the way.

burp clothes?

Never really bothered with them because I always one of those cheapo gerber baby receiving blanket on hand and it was bigger and could catch a whole lot more mess and save my shirt so much better. Also, moms seem to develop the permanent small spit on stain usually on their left shoulders. Deal with it. When Sebastian came along, I took all of Alex's old, ragged well loved receiving blankets (and some yard sale finds), cut them in half and hemmed them. Worked out great. A few moms I know swear by using the cheapo cloth diapers you can get like 5 to a pack at walmart, they are plain white and easily decorated by yourself if youw ant. Obviously, more absorbent.


Alex was a drool monster. Had to wear a bib around the clock. Sebastian wasn't so bad. I picked up a bunch at yard sales and will probably supplment it with a 12 pack from walmart. The cloth ones work well for infant droolers. When feeding time comes, you might want to pick up the bigger ones with the plastic backing so the food stains don't leak through...another 12 pack.


My boys lived in sleepers when they were super little. It was chilly when they arrived and I keep my house at an air conditioned 70 degrees during the summer months. I think it would depend on where you live and the weather. It might be wiser just to invest in more onsies than sleepers there? I don't know. I would say 15 of each size worked well for me. (not newborn) I mean 0-3/3-6/6-9. Babies puke and poop on themselves a its not uncommon for them to go through 2-3 changes of clothes a day.


If you live in a house like mine....stock up. There is no such thing as too many socks. The dryer eats em, the vaccuum eats em, little fricken trolls come out of the woodwork and steals em, the cat hides em. No one ever has socks. Plus they double as mittens in a pinch to protect his face from those razor sharp talons they call nails.

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