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May 6th, 2013, 03:17 PM
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Hi ladies, thanks so much for your responses. It is very frustrating, I have tried talking to him about it when I was going through it just this past year and I remember he was pretty emotionally blank even as I was going through the horrible body processes. He has a tendency to just shut down in high times of emotional stress/pain and he has told before that experience of being so excited, telling everyone, going through the motions to have it all just end was obviously not something he ever wants to go through again. Before, he was so excited and happy to have one, now I find that the once joy about thinking about pregnancy and having a beautiful little baby is just gone for him. He says he isn't ready because of what happened although I will say I find the reasons changing all the time but always has remained calm and so diplomatic about it and just says if it did happen he would be thrilled. We continue to use pullout method, which he knows isn't 100% effective and could result in pregnancy, there have definitely been some cases of him not using it accurately as well but he doesn't stress or worry about it because I think deep down he really does want another one. Sometimes I even find myself thinking that if I was to become pregnant, I wouldn't tell him until I was about 6 months or knew for sure it was a viable pregnancy because I'd hate to scare him that much more. Ugh, I don't know... all I can do is just keep having faith that it will happen- however it would be easier if we were actually TTC rather than this current pull/pray because this is just mentally draining.
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