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May 6th, 2013, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by ~ Nicole ~ View Post
What kind of birth control are you on? did you miss any? If you took all your pills or have depo, IUD than you should not have ovulated at all and should not be pregnant. If you have pills or a patch and you missed birth control when you should have had it than you could have ovulated and possibly gotten pregnant.

Anytime you alter your hormones yours cycles can change. So it is possible your missed periods are due to your new birth control. There are some birth control pills that only cause you to have 4 periods a year. So I would ask you doctor if this is a side effect of your birth control. If you have a pregnancy test I would just take it now. If you have been on birth control all this time than chances are that you won't be pregnant and you will feel so much better getting a negative test.

Buy a 2 packs of pink dye tests. Take one now. Some people like to take then first thing in the morning. Take a second test a week later if you still don't get your period. Also contact your doctor to ask about your missed periods. They can also give you a pregnancy test.
I'm on Lo Loestrin Fe. It says that it shouldn't ever cause more than 1 missed period at a time. And there were two times or so when I was a few hours late taking it, but I never missed a day.

What's an AF? And an HTP? Lots of abbreviations I don't know. All I know is BC.
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