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May 6th, 2013, 04:47 PM
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Hi everyone,

So the app that I use on my phone is OvuView, which overall I think it is useful for logging info but I really don't quite understand what's up with it.

Here is some basic info: March 17 started AF, it lasted for 6 days (last being spotting). The app tells me that I was fertile from the 23 (day after AF ended) until the 4th of April. Okay so then, April 14 I get my AF (exactly 28 days later) and again lasts for 6 days (last being spotting). Again, it goes on to tell me that I am fertile from day after until 2nd of May, with my ovulation day being the 27. I am supposed to get AF this Sunday.

Why is it giving me such a large fertile window? Another thing, I stopped tracking CM because it just kept changing everything and making it even more confusing- I put watery CM on the day after AF ended (which it was) and it would change my fertile window, ovulation day, everything... and each CM I would track it would just keep making changes until I gave up on that.

I have some questions- I frequently feel like I get EWCM, like probably 5 days a month. How am I supposed to track CM? In AM or PM? It changes through the day sometimes! I can't temp b/c I don't have a BBT but I would really like to figure out what is going on in my cycle. I mean the app is always changing. I have a bunch of info (stuff Ive been tracking)- but nothing to do with it!

How do I figure out when I ovulate? or when my luteal phase is? Or anything!

I feel like I should take a class on this LOL
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