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May 6th, 2013, 08:51 PM
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It went well... Dr. tested for Vitamin A and a whole slew of thyroid things (T3, T4, thyroglobulin, and something else that I don't remember...) that she and my neurologist are interested to see if they are connected to the headaches I was getting.

On the conception front: she's not too worried about this cycle being abnormal. Especially after we talked about all the thought I was giving it and the accident, and the apparent lack of ovulation. She recommended an OB/GYN and we decided that we'll see how this cycle goes and in the mean time, I'll schedule a pap for late June/early July. That way, I'll have been off BCP for 6 full cycles and hopefully we can see if I ovulate this month or not. That way when I go to the obgyn, I have some more solid info.

DH also had his check-up today. He's on an anti-anxiety med that we realized can cause low sperm count/mobility. After talking with his doctor about what we're doing on my end of things, he thought it might be worthwhile to go ahead and do a SA just to check things out. That way if things are abnormal, DH can ween off anti-anxiety meds this summer when things are super low-stress.

So, we have the SA kit, and DH's doctor said that we're in no rush to get it done -- just do it whenever things are feelin' good. Let me tell you... it was SUPER awkward to listen to two men discuss sperm. It's like the Dr wanted to use proper terminology, but mix in slang, and it was just weird... and humorous!

So aside from massive cramping tonight (which I'm trying SOOO hard to not complain about and be glad that I've started and I'm no longer in AF-limbo), I feel really good about this cycle. If nothing happens, next month, we'll go to the pros and get more advice. If something happens, then yay! Right?

In other news: 6.5 days left of school, my graduation crafts are going super well, all of our herb planters have herbs in them, and our garden has a fence! And our chicks spent their first full night in the coop (outside) last night... they lived! YAY!!!
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