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May 6th, 2013, 09:23 PM
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Hello to all that take the time to read this.

My name is Falyssa, I'm 26, and engaged to the most awesome person for me. Unfortunantly, I've also been trying off and on for almost 7 years to get pregnant. I know I have some hormonal issues, and I'm also on the... *ahem* weighty side.

Actively, we have been trying since October to get pregnant, and nothing. I have had a few moments when I'll be like a week late and think "YAY! Its happened!" but then, no positive pregnancy test, and negative test at the resource center... on top of a lecture about 'God's plan for me'

Before my fiance and I met last year, I was having MAJOR issues, and actually had surgery to check for endometriosis and PCOS, and nothing. This is after I had a cyst burst in the middle of a voice lesson in 2010.

What makes this tricky for me is the fact that I had no problem getting pregnant with my first, and all the doctors will say is 'oh, you just need to lose a little weight.' I HATE being told that. My metabolism is very sluggish, and my ability to exercise is limited due to having osteo arthritis in my knees.

I don't know what's going wrong with my body, but I do know that I've been trying to conceive for 6 months.
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