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May 7th, 2013, 05:53 AM
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I'm so sorry your going through this. I wasn't on birth control but for many years I was having problems with ovulating. Before Ella, my husband was taking the same stance of "it'll just happen". I knew there was something wrong with me (that I wasn't Oing) and the "it'll just happen" approach wasn't going to work. Heck we had already been trying for over a year at that point and wasn't working. I was the more realistic one at that point too. How can "IT" happen when there is no egg to catch, right? Finally after really sitting down and explaining it to him in "guy" terms, he understood and sympathized. I can relate to the frustration and just being darn right mad (at my body) for not cooperating with me and what we wanted. I couldn't understand why I couldn't do what everyone else seemed to be able to do SOOO easily. I beat myself up alot over it, really. We tried for 6 years before we got our miracle. I watched many of my friends have 2 or more babies and here I was still trying. Talk about major frustration. I went through a few drs that just gave up on me since they couldn't find anything wrong. It was the hardest 6 years of my life but now I have the greatest and most important little person in my life and another one on the way. I wouldn't trade anything of that pain and heartbreak. I wish you all the best! If you ever need to talk to some one I'm here Sending much and

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