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May 7th, 2013, 07:25 AM
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Our feeding team said less formula at a time is better bc more volume means more puking. But that isnt helpful when they dont eat enough as it is honestly. I end up feeding Mika ALL the time...which means he is burning more cals bc he is eatiung more and digesting more.

Is she losing weight?

If so there are a few things you can try

1. Zantac wont stop the puking, but it will make it less acidic so it wont hurt.

2. Thicken the formula

3. Move to an elemental formula like Nutramigen A+ or an Amino Acid formula like PurAmino.

4. Ask your deitican/paed about hyperconcentrating the formula if none of the above work.

5. Add Domperidone, a motility med that helps move the formula through the tummy quicker so there is less to puke.

We do all of the above and Mika still pukes about as much as he keeps down.

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