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May 7th, 2013, 07:51 AM
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Yeah, vaccines tend to seem like a great idea to most people until they start researching them. I mean, some people still want to give them, even on time, but usually those who REALLY look into things end up on at least some sort of delayed scheduled. What is crazy is that we know chicken pox won't kill us . . . but the CDC is scaring parents by telling them that chicken pox is really deadly. Well, that's the same thing they did with measles. Growing up, I know we were raised to think that measles was super deadly. BUT ask anyone who is older and had the measles, and they'll tell you it's "no big deal, like chicken pox". I'm not arguing some people might die after being sick with chicken pox (or measles, or flu, or anything else) but what I want to know is WHO is dying from this. not anyone I know. Not anyone healthy and well-nourished who is receiving treatment and attention for their illness...

As for doctors, just be careful who you select as a pediatrician. Most pediatricians will be respectful of a delayed schedule and there are pediatricians who will be respectful of not vaccinating at all. Our first pedi was AWESOME because she totally respected that we didn't vaccinate. And they were a majorly respected pediatric office in our area! Her take was that "If a child gets sick with something, we have to know how to treat it, whether they are vaxxed or not".

So, 4 days until your grandpa is GONE! Excited? I'm excited for you! I mean, cleaning isn't super exciting, I get that, especially when it's THAT gross with OTHER people's funk! BUT having that space cleared out and cleaned and then making it your own is SO going to be awesome! I cleaned our front room really good yesterday. SO nice. I need to do the rest of the house today.

I understand about people who only update about themselves. I understand not having time to be around, but they make time to update, it just comes across as self-centered. I don't have friends like that in real life and don't keep friends like that online. When I'm busy and can't update often, I usually check in with as many people as I can before updating on myself when I have the time. I know I rub people wrong sometimes, too, though, like you said, it happens. I usually know who it is, though, because it seems to always be the same people who have a problem with what I say (sometimes I wonder if they disagree JUST because I said it, or if they really disagree with EVERYTHING I say. Totally possible).

I get grumpy sometimes, but I've actually been in a good mood most of the time. But sometimes I think I sound grumpier than I am because I've been in a passionate mood lately LOL
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