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May 7th, 2013, 08:46 AM
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What I am about to share might make some judge me, and if you are one of those I am sorry. I am sharing my experience one last time to try to convince you that things can and will change. Do not make drastic decisions based on the immediate environmental factors. They are variables, not fixed, they can and do change.

On govt assistance, your assistance amount increases as your family size increases. I was on these programs for the first 3 years of my DDs life, I had to to be able to survive and support the two of us on my own, My job alone would not provide for everything we needed. But, I used it as a supplement. I had a full time job and the assistance helped cover what my minimum wage job would not. I was in and out of homeless shelters over the course of my DD being 3months to 5 months old.

To help you understand that things can change in the blink of an eye, I went from having a horrible job and being a single mom to having a job where I make more than I did in about 5 years together in 1 year. Now I am no longer on assistance, can provide and give my DD more than she needs. Also, I have met an amazing man that I will be able to call my husband soon. Soon, I will get to be a SAHM by choice, because his income can more than support us. This is NOTHING like what I imagined my future to be. I never imagined my life would turn around while I was with my DDs BD. But, with the right outlook on life, anything is possible. Goals and perseverance will take you far!!!