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May 7th, 2013, 08:57 AM
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His thoughts won't change. He says other people our age can do this because they have a house, and cars. What the hell do I need a house and a car for? Do they make me a better parent? No, they don't.

I've tried telling him just because we don't have much money now, that doesn't meanw can't by the time the 9 months are up.

He's just got his mind too closed to listen to what I'm saying.
And if I am not good enough to stay with pregnant, then how is it I'm good enough to stay with when not pregnant?

And he says he doesn't want to go through what he's going through with his kids he has with his ex-wife. Not being able to see or talk to them.

How dare he compare me to her? And think I would keep him from seeing or talking to his kid.

And how dare he compare this situation to the fact I don't see my son much. The reason for that is he lives so far away. And it's not easy to get there.

I already know the government gives more money. Not much though.
I called and inquired about it.

I even have a Goodwill not too far away where I can get job help.

And he tells me he'll buy me a cat. As if that's even a fair "replacement"!

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