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May 7th, 2013, 11:28 AM
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It really makes me feel badly when someone says I don't even look pregnant. First of all, I'm only 15 weeks, what are they expecting me to look like, a blimp? Also, I have had strangers ask me when I'm due. When I was running on Sunday, someone passing me said "Looking good Mama, doing both bodies good!" So people can TELL I'm pregnant and that's more than could be said when I was 36 weeks with my son! Yet those close to me think they are complimenting me when they say I don't look pregnant.

Now, when I saw my friends at the funeral I told you all about earlier, some of them said they couldn't tell at first glance. That was fine because I had hidden it with a suit jacket. If I had just worn my dress without the jacket, the bump would have been very visible, and I was trying to tone it down for the sake of my friend who had just lost her infant. My friend who is 29 weeks did the same although obviously you could still see hers. We didn't want to be flaunting our pregnant bellies when our friend was suffering the loss of her own baby. So that was fine, that was how I wanted it.

But then my mom was telling me how I don't even look like I'm pregnant at all. So yeah thanks, I just look like I have a huge @$#@ muffin top. Awesome mom thanks. I said "Mom, I'm only 15 weeks!" She said "Oh hon, I was HUGE." So anyway, yea thanks again, I don't fit into any of my clothes but apparently I just look fat to everyone. No really, that's cool, I needed to tone down my body image a little (sarcasm)

Then at play group someone had brought in baby clothes for a swap. I was going through them, looking for some neural sleepers because we never seem to have enough sleepers for the baby stage. One of the girls asked why I was looking at baby clothes, I said because I'll be having one in October/November. She said really, you don't look it! I said eh, I'm only a few months along. She said "Well sometimes overweight women don't show a whole lot anyway." GEE THANKS A TON!!! No really, I've been busting my @#@$ to get to a size 6 instead of a size 18 (I recently lost a TON TON TON of weight) and I'm already uncomfortable with my body getting bigger again, so please tell me again that I'm still fat.


Sorry, I've been bottling that up for about two weeks now! Has anyone made insensitive comments to you without thinking, when they were actually meaning to make you feel better about it?

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