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May 7th, 2013, 01:50 PM
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I'm SOO frustrated!! We accidentally made a mistake when paying the bills a few days ago and sent the hospital bill (for Kynslee) to the apartment and our rent payment to the hospital Both checks somehow got cashed and went through. I know we made the mistake and sent them to the wrong people but they legally can't cash a check that's made out to them - I'm not sure how the bank, apartments, and hospital all missed the mistake. Anyway - we are short our rent payment plus about $400+ until the hospital reverses the funds. I called them today and they said since they made the mistake in not catching it wasn't made out to them that they will refund the full amount and then we write them a new payment once we receive the amount back. But, they cannot write a check for the amount until next Friday. So, it'll be almost 2 weeks before we get all the money back!!! DH only gets paid once a month and we schedule all our bills to be paid near the beginning of the month and several come out on the 10th. So frustrating!!! The hospital sure cashes the checks quickly but if you need the money back right away they sure take their time

Sorry - end rant now!!! It seems like I spent all day on the phone to DH, waiting on hold, DH, the hospital, running down to the apartment people, waiting on hold, and then hospital again. And, I'm worn out and haven't gotten anything necessary done!
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