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May 7th, 2013, 03:50 PM
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So, over the last month or so my blood pressure has been slowly creeping upward. Today it was 138/90 (the diastolic number now puts me in the "high BP" range). So, the NP I saw ordered some bloodwork (to test for pre-e), told me to limit salt, take it easy the best I can, and buy a BP cuff to monitor throughout the day.

She just called me back with my bloodwork results (she ordered them STAT). She said everything looked normal except for my blood concentration (I have never had any protein in my urine dips). Unfortunately I wasn't able to ask too many questions because I was at work. She explained that high blood concentration can be an indicator of pre-e. So, I have to go back on Friday to meet with one of the doctors and decide what to do from there.

This is so stressful. I know she wants to take me out of work. The thought of not getting paid for 3 or 4 weeks on top of the useless pitance of a disability check I'll get for six weeks makes me want to throw up. I guess it really bums me out because I have had pregnancy no issues up to this point, and honestly, I feel better now than I have the last couple of months, so I feel like I can do things close to the pace I normally do.

*end rant*


I took today off from work because my BP was 154/94 this morning. My doc wants to do a NST tomorrow morning and probably take me out of work. He's starting me on a low dose of labetalol tonight to see if that helps. After monitoring my BP all day today, it is clear that as soon as I get off the couch it starts to rise. Thankfully I'll be 37 weeks on Monday, so I'm not too worried about induction at this point, although from what I've heard that will make my hopes of a natural childbirth less likely. I'm trying to maintain an open mind at this point, but it's hard to not stress about it.

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