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May 7th, 2013, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by navywifey2003 View Post
There are a million other ways for SO to bond with her without feeding her at first, yes that break is nice for sure but even though my husband didn't meet our first until he was 4 months old they bonded so quickly. You will really be amazed at how instant it is. Don't let others discourage you from nursing if that's what you want Hun. And don't feel guilty either. Hugs!
I totally agree!! Because I nursed Abri constantly, DH was in charge of bathing her. He found his own way to bond that worked for them. If you do end up going the EPing route, you may want to consider a long term rental of a hospital grade pump. A mom in one of my PRs pumped an entire year. One of the tips she had was to get up in the middle of the night to pump. Even when her son was sleeping all night, she'll still got up to get one additional session in. She ended up with a surplus of milk that lasted past his first birthday. It is doable, but it is work.

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