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May 7th, 2013, 04:58 PM
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I am so tired. By 7 weeks last pregnancy, school was out and I could rest all day if I wanted to.

This time, there's a month of school left and I feel like I won't make it. How can I be this lethargic and teach???

I also feel a little depressed this time around. I am thrilled to be pregnant, don't get me wrong! But I was like euphorically happy last time and this time I am so irritable, can't stand being around people at work, want lots of me time, etc. I get so pissed if someone comes to talk to me during my planning time. I just want to sit there by myself and be tired!

I feel like such a B!!!

I am normally a very friendly, energetic person, so this sucks big time. I just want to be home with my son and not working. I love my job, so I won't be a SAHM but this year needs to end quick!

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