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May 7th, 2013, 05:02 PM
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Well after pitching a temper tantrum last night insisting that I refused to allow a houseguest and therefore would not clean for one, I sucked it up and cleaned today.

First thing this morning I sloooowly jogged/walked 3 miles. Then dropped the girls at daycare and went to work. Picked them up early afternoon, grabbed a quick lunch, and then started to clean my house. Dusted the guest room, girls' room, dining room, and family room. Then I vacuumed the guest room and girls' room. My mom got clean sheets on the guest bed while I did a load of kid laundry. Getting ready to vacuum the dining room, foyer, family room, couch, and office now. After I get that done, I'll put in another load of kid laundry and dust the office before calling it a night. I'm putting DH in charge of cleaning the powder room and guest bath.

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