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May 7th, 2013, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Wisey View Post
You can't feel guilty. Kids will always prefer to be where they have fun and have someone that pays attention to them.

My goddaughter throws a fit every week when she leaves our house. She is always telling her parents she wants to live with us. Both her parents are very busy and here we take time to talk and play. At first I felt bad, but now I can't help what I do is more fun!
I don't even think it's just that. He's basically left to do whatever he wants over there as long as he stays out of her hair while she studies. We have rules here. But when you follow the rules, you get fun things to do.

Originally Posted by HippieLove View Post
I totally understand (to a point) how you feel. You shouldn't feel guilty, you obviously do a wonderful job treating him the way any child should be treated by their parent (step or otherwise). It would kill me if I knew my kids were calling their step Mother, mum (not that they have one yet) but all the same I'd know that they were being loved and treated properly which is what any parent could want. However, I don't know you or your situation since I'm new, but I can only imagine that if his Mother was doing her job he would want to spend the say with her firstly. So no, don't feel guilty but I've had similar guilt attacks with my partners son.
Pretty much. She has admitted to Eric that she has not yet been able to rebuild the bond once had with O. He and I bonded deeply when she was in rehab, and I have kept that up with him.
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