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May 7th, 2013, 06:59 PM
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You know, it's not too early to get started. I would look for ones that are close to you or in convenient/preferred locations. Look up reviews of them online. Email their office with your MAIN questions. For example:

"To whom it may concern,
I'm currently looking for the ideal pediatrician for my baby. My number one goal is simply to find a good match. I had just a few questions to ask you, and I hope you can help me out by answering them.

Is there a waiting list to secure a pediatrician with your office for my newborn? I'm due (xyz date).
What is your policy on vaccines? Are you open to patients who skip or delay vaccines?
What kind of wait times can I expect in your office?
Do you have a "well area" and "sick area" in your waiting room?
Do you accept (xyz) insurance?

Thank you for answering my main questions! I want to see if this is a potentially good fit before wasting anyone's time with more questions or visits. "

You can do that for a family doctor OR a pediatrician Obviously, adjust and as questions to that as necessary

Again, you really can't be "too early" in starting to look. Better to know where you want to go early then end up scrambling because the first 5 places you check out don't feel right to you. DON'T SETTLE on a pedi/doctor. The perfect one is out there. At the very least, you can look at lots of options BEFORE picking one.

Wow, your aunt sounds . . . fantastic. Way to back out at the last second. What gives with that? Yeah, do what it takes to get him gone. What a shame your aunt it putting all that responsibility on your family when you can't afford it right now, especially knowing you have been dealing with it for so long already. But hey, getting him to leave earlier might be worth it!

My baby has quiet days (most days) and active days. Maybe try kick counting and see if that puts your mind to ease. Baby might be moving plenty but it just doesn't SEEM like a lot because it's less than it was before. They move around less now that they are crowded in there though, ya know? But the movements feel bigger!

The weather here has been all over the map for us, too. Nice one day, hot the next, pouring after that.

It's a GREAT swing. you will be happy with it. It was kind of confusing to put together at one part. I'm glad I did it now, because I'm getting to the point that if my belly was any bigger putting some of this stuff together would be near impossible. don't wait til the last minute is my advice! Do it as soon as your grandpa is gone!

The girls room is coming along nice, but no new developments there. Still need to do the painting and finish the canvas. Maybe I'll work on another piece of that tonight. Just the tree that I have to do really, then I'm done
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