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May 7th, 2013, 08:53 PM
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My biophysical profiles are on Tuesdays and I see my OB right after. Last week went great and we did our 3d sono on Friday

Today Bodhi looks great, estimated at 4 lb 11 oz, which is consistent with all his growth scans so far. He did all his tricks but my AFI dropped from 13 to 9. It is in the low normal range. She is going to check it again next Tuesday. If at any point it gets to 6, it will be Go Time. She said it could be as simple as timing and it could be back up next week or it could be the placenta starting to deteriorate, in which case, it is time for him to joins on the outside. She did say it is not time to worry yet, so I am trying not to stress. And she is always honest on when it is time to worry, so I am trusting her (but still,having occasional freak outs inside).

It is going to be a long week.

On the bright side, I weigh the same now that I did 3 weeks postpartum with Bourne

Bodhi's 3d

Bodhi on the left, Bourne's 3d on the right

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