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May 7th, 2013, 09:05 PM
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I switched to EPing with DD after about 2 weeks of struggling with BFing. I plan to BF and pump this time if things work out better. I built a killer supply with EPing and was able to store a ton. By the time she was 8 mos old, I had the next 4 months in the freezer. The big thing to being able to stash pumping is doing it at regular intervals for consistent lengths of time. When I first started pumping, I barely got anything. I kept at it and pumped every two hours for a couple of weeks until I started getting more. Over the 8 mos, I pumped 8-10 times a day for 20 mins each time. Bc of my job, I worked in 1.5-3 hour session (depending on the kid I was working with) and pumped in the car while I drove from one session to another. I kept a cooler in my car. I pumped into bottles and transferred to bags when I got home.

One thing I read about storing milk is not to put fresh milk on top of frozen b/c you don't want it to melt and refreeze. Once it is thawed, it should be used. So If you don't have enough to freeze, store in the fridge, cool the fresh, and add cold to cold and freeze when you have enough, if that makes sense.

Being diligent about my pumping schedule allowed me to make sure DD got all breast milk and no formula for the first year. At the beginning, I met several times with a lactation consultant. She told me that BFing and pumping don't operate on the same milk ducts, so you should be able to both BF and pump to store milk for when you go back to work. Like PP mentioned tho, you don't want to try to pump colostrum. It's too thick. Wait until you're really having milk. And you may want to wait to intro the bottle to establish BFing. I have read conflicting info, all from reputable sources on this, but I figure it can't hurt to establish BFing first, just in case.

Being able to pump for work is a God-send. But it does take a lot of work. There is no reason tho that you should be able to both BF and pump if it works for your baby. (The BFing didn't work for DD despite my best efforts and working with a lactation consultant. Hoping for better luck this time!)
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