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May 7th, 2013, 09:10 PM
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So, my husband works in a bar 3-4 nights a week. He has worked there for at least 5 years, if not longer. When he started there, he had the crappy day shifts, the slow week night shifts, and he worked hard and stuck around and ended up with the "good" shifts on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as one or two nights a week. So, he's working tonight and he calls me to tell me that when he asked his boss if he could go back to Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights like he had been doing (he got put on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday for the last few weeks), so that we could have more nights to get things done, his boss told him he needed to talk to him about the schedule. So, his boss ends up coming in and tells him that he and the "big boss" (guy that owns the bar) had been talking and that the owner was concerned that he couldn't keep up with the other guy he works with on the weekends with taking out the trash and so he was going to move him to Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday nights. Which is completely ridiculous. He's trying to get him to quit. The owner never would have said that, because he likes my husband and my husband works hard and it isn't even the truth. He's been carrying trash cans that weigh more than he does for years and now his shoulder is messed up, yet he has kept working and carrying them. The manager is new and is trying to bring in all his friends from the last bar he managed (which is owned by the same person, so he can). He's fired several people that had been working there, just to bring in his friends. And he's doing things like this to make people quit. It's completely unfair and wrong and ridiculous.

I don't know what to tell my husband because I can tell he is mad and upset and I know that he wants to quit now (he's hated working there for a while, but especially when they changed the manager - but he makes good money, so he stayed), but I know he's worried about us having money for the baby. His manager knows we're expecting and is just being a jerk. Part of me wants to tell him to quit and that we will be ok for a few months while we figure it out. But, I feel like if he quits then his manager wins. Because that's what he wants him to do. And, I feel like maybe he should keep working until we figure something else out. I just don't know what to do and I'm upset for my husband because he works hard and puts up with a lot of crap there. I want to cry and I know it's coming, but it hasn't started yet. This is just such bad timing because I just stopped working (not that I made that much), but we don't need to go too long with only one income or zero income. Ughhh, I hate people like that!!!
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