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May 7th, 2013, 09:44 PM
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I'm glad at least one person doesn't think I'm paranoid! lol It's pretty rare to have more than one. I say that and both my dad and grandfather had two children with it, but only one out of the four did a bit more poorly. That's my brother. He followed Alice's pattern a little more, the classic "My child turned a year and just changed!" My mom goes back and forth between blaming herself for taking pregnancy safe allergy medicine and blaming the doctors for immunizing him.

He was a strange baby, though. He didn't like to be held at all, always wanted to play alone. I was told he was a perfect baby, always content. No one minded keeping him because he was never any kind of trouble. Just like Alice. She was perfect! Content, didn't startle at loud noises(because Autistic people distinguish sound differently), didn't cry for shots or any pain, wasn't a lap baby, didn't want attention, etc. Not like Winter! Oh, my goodness, she is drama. A total lap baby and cuddle bug. It's so sweet and so exhausting at the same time. lol

Alice is starting to cuddle with us more, but it's for her benefit. She has a sensory processing disorder, and she craves bear hugs, all over body scratch sessions, just being caressed, and other things like that.

I think I went off on a tangent. lol A lot of Autism symptoms are different, but if you have a question, I can tell you how the Autistic people I know act.
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