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May 7th, 2013, 09:46 PM
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I had 2 inductions with Alex. One failed, obviously, and the other took.

Is your doctor giving you a medical reason for why YOU need to be induced (as compared to statistics or other numbers)? It is very natural, normal, and common for first time moms to go late. If you hit 40 weeks and the baby is doing fine there is no reason to not wait. Ask your doctor for a bio-scan to determine the health of the baby, placenta, and umbilical cord.

My OB/GYN with Alex told me that my child, specifically, was an undue increased risk for fetal stress and/or mortality. My due date was May 5th, on May 11th they admitted me for the first induction, so I wasn't even 41 weeks yet. It failed miserably.

2 days later they finally did a bio-scan and my baby was 100% perfect. No issues. We heavily questioned the other OB/GYNs who were handling me (not the one who sent us in) about *WHY* the other doctor told me that my baby was at an increased risk when obviously there was no problem. We were told that she was relatively new and that doctors are trained now to strongly discourage women to go past 41 weeks for liability issues. Yeah, telling someone that THEIR baby was at risk of dying is pretty strong discouragement!

At 41 weeks and 5 days I was induced again and this time it took. I went in for a second induction because all the ultrasounds we had (starting at 8 weeks) and beyond agreed that Alex was truly overdue (dates were correct, date of conception accurate, etc). However, my body was literally not allowing me to give birth. My cervix remained very high, hard, and undilated. His head was not engaging in my pelvis at all. It took induction drugs and breaking my waters to get me to dilate beyond 1cm.

Inductions are a medical intervention and carry a whole host of risks and side-effects. Alex spent the first two weeks of his life exhibiting signs of high tension, he couldn't relax, he was always very stiff. When I nursed him he would CLAMP down. These are symptoms of stress documented in induction cases:
LLLI | Clampdown Bite Reflex

We had to do baby massages and other techniques (including adapting our nursing routine) to help him relax.

What I learned is that inductions can be necessary but I would strongly encourage anyone to thoroughly quiz your doctor about why YOU need one and to get the appropriate testing to determine its necessity. My first induction was unnecessary and unwarranted. My second induction was necessary.

I had a co-worker who was dilating, effacing, etc. very nicely. At 39 weeks her doctor told her that he felt she would deliver within the next day or two, HOWEVER he was going out of town the day after next. So, if she wanted him to deliver the baby she better have an induction. My co-worker, who was progressing naturally and normally, went in for the induction because she wanted to be done and the doctor said it was okay. I was so upset when I heard this that I almost slapped her silly. All I could think of was the horrible time I had with Alex and my poor bruised and bloody nipples and how 2 medicated labors with one child played a part in it.

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