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May 7th, 2013, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by MamaSkunk View Post
I kind of had to be induced. My water broke at 41 weeks (your water can break without being in labor when you go overdue...basically the amniotic sac and placenta degrade more and more with each day past your due date.) Anyway I was put on pitocin and it resulted in a 24 long labor. Pushing only lasted fifteen minutes. I had no pain meds as I refused any so what resulted was my body stalledfor awhile with no progression. They briefly allowed me off the pitocin to take a shower for about a half hour and it helped immensely and labor picked back up when on it. Does pitocin betcha. Can it be done with no pain meds....completely. The contractions did hurt but what did me in the most was it was back back labor. Now I have a very bad back was broken in two different places and I pinched and severed a bunch of nerves and muscles in my back...they never healed properly as I went 4 months before going in to a Dr. So basically the back labor aggravated my old injuries and doubled it. I am told pitocin contractions hurt more. I am hoping to avoid pitocin this time to find out. But all in all and Induction isn't entirely evil...tougher maybe. But do-able.
Oh my goodness, I certainly couldn't do it! LOL When my labor stalled during the second induction (2cm) I was so exhausted and in pain. I wanted to keep going "natural" but the doctor (one I liked and trusted) sat on my bed, held my hand, and said "I think you need rest. You would be surprised by what rest can do" I got the epidural, fell asleep, and I woke up to 6cms But then my epidural needle fell out and I endured 2 hours of no pain relief and I was a puddle on the floor, lol.

If I go naturally with this one I don't expect that I'll make it without pain relief. When I do decide that i need it I will ask for a low dose to keep the amount of medication in me to a minimum. If I have to have another induction I will most likely get a full epidural when they switch from pre-induction drugs to full blown induction drugs. I am not a superwoman when it comes to pain, lol.

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