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May 7th, 2013, 10:38 PM
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I also don't vaccinate, however, when I first started researching I did so with the *intention* of vaccinating on a selective and delayed schedule. In the end, we selected none BUT maybe I can still help you out.

Option 1: Look at the vaccination schedule in other countries compared to their rates of vaccine reactions, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, allergies, etc, and disease outbreaks among nourished children with normal immune systems compared to that of your own country. You may find a schedule that way that you feel comfortable with.

Option 2: Go through each vaccine 1 by 1. Ask yourself:
-What are possible reactions to the vaccine?
-What are the possible outcomes of not vaccinating?
-Which is more likely?
-Which concerns me more (not necessarily the one that is more likely, ya know?)
-What would I do if my child caught (insert disease vaccine prevents here) before they were vaccinated or fully immune for this?
-What would I do if my child had a life-altering reaction to this vaccine, or if I suspected that might be happening?
-Is there something I can instead of vaccinating that has been proven to be as effective or more effective than the vaccine?
-What is the true efficacy rate of this vaccine?
-What has congress said about this vaccine? What has CDC admitted to congress about this vaccine? What have ex-members of the CDC said about this vaccine?
-In recent outbreaks for this disease, how much of the affected population was vaccinated? How much were not?
-Did the occurrence of this disease decrease before or after the vaccine for it was created?
-Who profits if I get this vaccine? Who profits if I do not?
-What studies have been done regarding this vaccine? What studies have been done on the disease this vaccine prevents against? Who is most harmed if they catch this disease? What other factors have, in the past, contributed to this disease being dangerous? (For example, diets high in sugar make have polio with symptoms more likely. Most adults carry the polio virus and don't know it, though, because polio is generally (something like 98% of the time) asymptomatic and the majority of those with symptoms do not experience permanent damage. Those who do generally have weakened immune systems and poor diet. Weigh that against possible complications to the vaccine itself. Repeat this process for all vaccines.)
-Can I live without this vaccine or do I want to definitely get it eventually (be it sooner or later)?
-By what point do I feel my baby would NEED this vaccine? (Take Hep B for example. Do you think your baby needs this ever? Do you think they need it at birth? If you think they need it, but not at birth, but which age do you feel your baby needs it? Before starting school? By the time they are a preteen? Sooner, later? Totally up to you!)
-Does my family have a history of allergies, eczema, etc?
-Does my family have a history of neurological disorders or developmental delays?
-If I delay until (insert age you are considering delaying until here) how many doses of this vaccine will my baby need to get to be considered by vaccine manufacturers as "immune"? (babies might need 3-4 doses of something a toddler would only need 1-2 doses of).
-If I don't get this vaccine right away, what else can I do to encourage the health of my baby's immune system?
-If I do get this vaccine early, what can I do to prepare my baby for the vaccine and help my baby's body respond to the vaccine as gently as possible?

I think if you go by one by and one and figure those things out for each vaccine, you can then get an idea of what you want to vaccinate for and when.

Examples of some things people do:
-Wait to give Hep B vaccine until baby is 6 months or older, sometimes waiting until baby is out of the "SIDS" age range before administering.
-Split up and delay MMR until closer to starting school
-Skip Chicken Pox vaccine
-skip Rotavirus vaccine
-skip flu shots
-skip vitamin k at birth unless birth is traumatic; look into vitamin k oral drops or vitamin k dietary supplement while pregnant/breastfeeding to avoid need to vitamin k shot.

Also be sure to look into as much unfiltered DATA as you can so you can make your own conclusions without having information skewed to meet someone's agenda. Be careful of anyone who underplays illness as well as anyone who overplays it or intentionally leaves out information. For example, when I see "chicken pox is deadly and killed x% of people who contracted it" what I really want to know is, which x%? People with autoimmune disorders? Impoverished people living in 3rd world countries without clean water and sanitary living conditions? What percent of that percent were healthy children with otherwise strong immune systems? I want ALL the facts, that's all. Doesn't mean those facts will be what I want or that those facts will change the bottom line the researcher is suggesting; however, I want them to leave that for me to decide.

I hope this information helps. I know it's a lot and can seem overwhelming, but when you go one vaccine at a time, it really helps. Some of them you only have to answer a few questions before deciding. For example, most moms I know who do delayed AND selective think it's a no brainer to skip chicken pox vaccine and delay hep b. Things like DtaP, Polio, MMR, they might be more divided about which they want and when, and for those they have to ask more of the above questions to determine what is best for their family and child. What I have found is that even if everyone on the planet asked these same questions, they would still come to different decisions and conclusions!

Before you know it, you'll be a pro on what is right for your family and all this information will seem like a breeze to navigate. Good for you for educating yourself BEFORE vaccinating. I wish I had done so. At least this way, no matter WHAT you decide you can live with the outcome and in the meantime you can feel confident that you are making an educated decision about what is best for your child personally and your family personally. Really, parenting doesn't get much better than that.
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