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May 8th, 2013, 04:17 AM
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Hey Ladies!
I wasn't sure if I should post here about it or not but I figure we are all here to support eachother and I can sure use some support.
When David and I talked about having children he always said he just wanted two and I always said I would be happy with three.
As most of you know, we have a wonderful gorgeous son named Finn who is 9 months old and I can honestly tell you I never thought I could love another being this much. He really is precious and he teaches me something new every day.
With this pregnancy I started showing fairly early. From the beginning,David has been convinced that we are having a girl this time because all of his brothers have a boy and a girl. Silly, I know. I am constantly hearing from his family that this is definitely a girl. Strangers off the street have made comments that they hope this is a girl and friends have said they are praying for me. WTH???
I do want a baby girl especially if David is sure he only wants two children. To be honest, I think he may change his mind if I am having another boy but he to refers to the baby as she most of the time.
At our NT scan the tech said may be boy from the pelvic angle but then retracted because she wasn't sure.
I feel like the pressure is on for me to have a girl and as much as I want one this very well may be a boy and I will love him to pieces.
I am starting to feel guilty even though I would be happy with either sex. Worse than that I can't help but feel others are going to have gender disappointment if it is a boy and what happens if I start to feel that?
Someone help clear this up with me. I really just want a healthy baby!!!

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