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May 8th, 2013, 06:33 AM
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Thank you for the responses. The father of the child knows I am pregnant. He knew the day I found out. This will be his only child. I would never not let him be apart of his child's life. He is going to go to appointments with me and be involved as much as he can. I believe in the long run we could really be good friends. As far as my ex and the father of my other two children, I am not making any decisions with him. He doesnt know how I feel. He just tells me how he feels. I'm so hormonal and cry at the drop of a dime that I don't want to make any decision that I might or might not regret in the long run. At this time in my life I just want to be alone. Having another child, especially but another man was not in my plans but everything happens for a reason. I put it in God's hands. If this his is plan then there is a reason for it.
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