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May 8th, 2013, 07:05 AM
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I've been induced twice. The first was at 38 weeks because I had pre-e. It wasn't the best experience, sometimes the epidural can really inhibit your body's ability to push, I pushed for 2 hours before finally needing the help of a vacuum because I was so exhausted. The second time I was induced went very well. It happened at 39 weeks for suspected pre-e, but I don't remember if they ever told me if my blood pressure was just elevated or if they actually found protein in my urine, if you don't ask questions, they won't tell you. I was able to make it to 7cm before really feeling that need for pain relief, and looking back on it, I think I may have been able to make it the whole way without the epidural, but, when in Rome, ya know? Anyways, once they stuck me with the needle I just went with the medicine it initially gives you and I didn't press the button they give you, so I'd still be able to feel what I was doing. Transition was pretty hard, but do-able. Once I felt the urge to push it was 10 minutes before he was out, and most of that time was spent waiting for the doctor to break down the bed.

I feel like they will want to induce me again this time. It's sad that I already feel disappointed by my birth experience and it hasn't even happened yet. I'm going to make sure it's totally necessary, my BP has been notoriously high at the doctor's, and normal at home. I think mostly because all I've wanted since I was pregnant with my first was a natural childbirth and I've not been able to get it, so I psych myself out when I go in and am always very anxious. Despite me telling them this, and pointing out that my pulse rate is obviously through the roof (due to nervousness) they still decided to give me a prescription for a blood pressure lowering med. The first time I took it I got very light headed and weak and took my BP at home and it was very, very low. I just think sometimes the doctors don't really know US and they just go by protocol. So I decided it would be best for me to not take the medicine and continue to monitor vigilantly. So far so good I haven't even had any swelling in my ankles most days. Of course if I see it starting to creep up I will start the meds again. My baby was measuring at the 78th percentile at a bio physical profile I had almost two weeks ago, and one of the characteristics of pre-e is fetal growth restriction, which is absolutely not the case.

Sorry for the novel, I'm just beginning to realize that we really have to be our own health advocates, and the health care system doesn't really care about our feelings about it, just their protocol. After watching my daddy go through cancer treatment, and being given drugs that may or may not have taken him from us sooner than he had to go, I am wont to believe everything a doctor tells me. I am all for necessary procedures, but sometimes what a doctor deems as necessary is really just convenient for them. Not to say all doctors are uncaring, because most of them care very much, but they only know what they've been taught.
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