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May 8th, 2013, 07:09 AM
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I think an induction would probably be a lot better than a c-section but thats just my personal opinion.

My water broke on a Friday night and I didn't go into labour. By Saturday evening I still wasn't in labour (despite acupuncture, walking, my doula doing weird massages etc.) So when I got to the hospital they started me on oxytocin right away. Not gonna lie the contractions were horrific. After 14 hours of intense contractions and full on labour I still was only 1cm dilated so I got the epidural. Two hours later I had DD. I don't think the induction was so terrible. My body wasn't doing what it was supposed to do and it was the only way I had a chance to deliver vaginally and they needed to speed up the process since my water had already been broken for almost 24 hours. From what I understand, being in labour naturally can make you feel sick and shaky etc. The oxytocin didn't make me feel anything except pain haha The epidrual on the other hand really made me shaky but it was a god sent! I didn't have a heavy feeling in my legs, I could move them around easily and even sit up, it just numbed the contraction pain.

But having said that, I certaily wouldn't opt for an induction for no reason. If baby is doing fine at 41 weeks there really isn't any reason to induce
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